The Art of War for Writers

   The Art of War for Writers is one of the most useful books I have found that provides insights and advice on writing as a lifestyle. I write this assuming that you are an author. Not only a poet, not only a novelist, but a writer in all of its amazing forms. This book has a lot of useful information about everything from inspiration to publishing. Below are some quotes from the book along with the page numbers you can find them on. If you like what you read this book can be found at your local bookstore as well as on Amazon. Just to make it easy for you I have included the link to the Amazon page to buy it HERE.

“The essentials of success for a long term writing career… desire, discipline, commitment to craft, patience, honesty, willingness to learn, business-like attitude, rhino skin, long-term view and talent. Talent is the least important. Everyone has some talent. It’s what you do with it that counts.” (11-13)

“A hero knows it takes hard work and a long time to get published; a fool thinks it should happen immediately, because he thinks he’s a hero already.” (16)

“A hero makes his luck; a fool cries about how unlucky he is.” (17)

“A hero recognizes the worth in others; a fool can’t believe others are worth more than he.” (17)

“A hero keeps writing, no matter what, knowing effort is its own reward; a fool eventually quits and complains that the world is unfair. Be a hero.” (17)

“It’s not the will to win that counts, but the will to prepare to win.” (18)

“Write a quota of words every week.” (18)

“Every moment spent whining about your writing career is a moment of creative energy lost.” (27)

“Status, worry, and comparison are ways to madness, not victory.” (33)

“To keep from turning off those who can publish you, you must not be desperate.” (37)

“Take one of your favorite writers, preferably one who has written a book in your genre, look in the mirror, and say, “Behold ____!” Then sit down and write.” (43)


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