Writing prompt*I remember*

This is a great prompt for when you are experiencing writers block. Writers block is often a product of our inner critic doing it’s best to keep us from writing more. Sometimes it is the result of being too caught up in what the finished product looks like. We can become so obsessed as writers to produce something that lives up to our standards that we refuse to start anything.

The answer to this is to write without a destination. To enjoy the journey of writing rather than be concerned about where that journey will take you.  “Quanity produces Quality. If you only write a few things, you are doomed.” Ray Bradbury

Alright let’s get started.

Tell  a story from when you were a child.   Make it detailed.  What did things look like? Smell like, taste like, feel like, sound like?  Make it a memory that’s small. No big events. Something like a trip to the movies or a day at the beach. Beginning middle and end are the key points to any story. This is a good one just to get the writing mind going. When your done or if you start getting inspired let yourself write whatever comes out even if none of it connects. Remember that for the purposes of this prompt we are not concerned with the end result.

Part two: Once you have told the story from your point of view switch the voice to that of a parent or uncle or grandparent. Tell it as if they were telling it to your prom date or future boyfriend/girlfriend. Tell it like they would, exaggerating all of the details.

Have fun.


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