English: Waves breaking at Acapulco.

English: Waves breaking at Acapulco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing Water is an experiment in art. I wanted to create a place for writers to come together and share work and ideas. All work posted on this site is owned solely by the person who writes it. This site can be used to get feedback from other writers, ask questions or get inspiration. This site can also be used to share your work with a larger audience. The more people you tell about the site, the more people will see everyone’s work. I will do my best to keep the site current and also to post any places or resources I find to help you with your craft. For those of you that are coming here as a reader only feel free to leave comments and feedback. As an administrator to the site I will be making sure that comments are appropriate. Feedback is essential as a writer so by all means offer your thoughts and critique, however haters will be deleted.  That means if your going to offer critique do it in a way that is constructive.

Writers I encourage you to read through your work and make sure it is something you want the world to see before posting. Remember that people will be reading this and use your spellcheck. We do not and will not censor your works. If there is something that is offensive to people or hurtful the group will decide if it is appropriate to publish. This process will be a conversation and group decision. Art should be a dialogue.

The menu bar is how you navigate to all of the different categories. There is also a gategory cloud, If you see something that catches your interest just click it and you will be shazammed to that category. Each author will have their own category where all of their work can be found. Other categories include writing prompts, tips and tricks and a section for refilling the well (inspiration). There will be more categories added as time passes and one of the features we hope to have is a featured artist category in which we will share their work and tell you how to get more. Last but not least at the bottom of the page is our blogroll where you can connect with other sites we like.

Writer's Stop

Writer’s Stop (Photo credit: Stephh922)

Ok I think that covers everything for now. I hope to make this a site that you can use to grow as an artist both personally and professionally. Remember

“There is no wrong, Just write.”


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  1. Ginny Wolf Studio
    Aug 04, 2012 @ 19:58:18

    Beautiful Blog !


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